• Toppan Photomask Relocates Headquarters to Support Business Growth

Toppan Photomask Relocates Headquarters to Support Business Growth

Creating a workplace that enhances global competitiveness, well-being and productivity
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Tokyo - July 24, 2023 - Toppan Photomask Co., Ltd., the world's premier semiconductor photomask provider and part of the Toppan Group, today announced the relocation of its headquarters from the Toppan Shibaura Building to Shiodome City Center in Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo. The company has begun operations at the new location today.

“With the steady growth of the semiconductor market, the demand for and importance of photomasks have continued to increase. To support business expansion and secure the necessary talent for future growth, Toppan Photomask has been actively pursuing strategic recruitment efforts,” said Nobuyuki Iijima, CHRO at Toppan Photomask. “With the aim of improving operational efficiency and fostering creativity and innovation among employees, we turned its attention to the Shiodome area. This location is known for its concentration of global companies and is expected to offer new business opportunities. In addition, Shiodome City Center is conveniently located just a 3-minute walk from Shimbashi Station, providing excellent access not only to major cities within Japan but also to international airports. With this relocation, we believe Toppan Photomask can further strengthen its communication with customers and enhance its global competitiveness.”

Key Features of the New Headquarters

Efficient communication through a group address system

To emphasize teamwork and smooth communication, the office space introduces a group address system. Employees have the freedom to perform their duties within designated areas assigned to each department. Shared areas, such as meeting rooms, are arranged intentionally to facilitate spontaneous communication and collaboration among employees.

Office space with group address system (left) and meeting room with electronic display
©Toppan Photomask Co., Ltd.

A "skyview" seating arrangement reduces stress and provides inspiration

Work desks are positioned along lines inclined at a 5-degree angle to the baseline of the floor. This design allows employees to enjoy the view from high floors without having to stand up, with 92% of all workstations offering a window view. This environment is expected to reduce stress, help employees feel refreshed, and contribute to increased productivity.

Window view from office space (left) and seating arrangement with 92% "skyview" seats
©Toppan Photomask Co., Ltd.

Shared facilities create a casual atmosphere

The office includes shared facilities that create a relaxed atmosphere, such as 9 areas with greenery, high tables reminiscent of bar counters, and sofas found in cafes. These features promote informal communication, encouraging collaboration and the exchange of ideas between employees.

High table resembling a bar counter (foreground) and
 "starfish-shaped desk" reduce tension by avoiding direct eye contact
©Toppan Photomask Co., Ltd.

New headquarters office overview

Address: Shiodome City Center, 1-5-2 Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan 105-7123
Floor space: 393.66m2
JR Yamanote Line: Three-minute walk from Shimbashi Station (Shiodome Exit)
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line: Three-minute walk from Shimbashi Station (Exit 2)
Toei Asakusa Line: Two-minute walk from Shimbashi Station (Shiodome Shiosite Exit)
Toei Oedo Line: One-minute walk from Shiodome Station (Shimbashi Station Exit)
Yurikamome Monorail: One-minute walk from Shimbashi Station
Open from: July 24, 2023
Interior design and project management: Oliver Corporation

About Toppan Photomask

Toppan Photomask Co., Ltd. (TPC) is the world’s premier provider of photomasks for semiconductors. Headquartered in Tokyo, TPC was launched in April 2022 as a carve-out from Toppan Inc., a diversified global leader in communications, security, packaging, decor materials, and electronics solutions. With a group of companies that includes Toppan Photomasks, Inc., headquartered in the U.S., and Toppan Chunghwa Electronics Co., Ltd. in Taiwan, TPC leverages its worldwide customer service network and seven manufacturing facilities in key geographical locations to offer the world's most advanced technology. TPC is also expanding its business to the field of processed silicon products, such as stencil masks and nanoimprint molds, to contribute to the further development of industry-leading products. For more information, visit https://www.photomask.co.jp/english/.