On April 1st, 2022, Toppan Photomask Co., Ltd. took over the photomask business from Toppan Inc. and started operations as a new company.


Thank you very much for your continuous understanding and support for Toppan Photomask Co., Ltd.
"Toppan Photomask Co., Ltd.", carved out from Toppan Inc. in April 2022, was founded as a joint venture between Toppan Inc. (50.1%) and Integral Corporation (49.9%). Under the new management structure, we start anew as a more efficient and more customer-oriented company.

We are aiming for a future IPO as one of our milestones, and backed by funding from the market, we continue to provide support for the semiconductor industry whose long-term growth is expected. This is a rapidly changing industry. However, by listening to customers and supporting them to grow, we also hope to grow together.

Our strengths are the outstanding capabilities for technological development, collaborative production among sites supported by our teamwork, and our corporate culture always valuing the growth of customers. With the production network connecting seven countries/regions in the world, we support customers with our technologies and work to achieve excellent QCD (quality, cost, delivery) targets. As a result of our efforts, we are aiming for being the 1st choice of customers and also going beyond their expectations.

Further, as a company working for the benefits of society, we will strive to fulfill our corporate social responsivities. Through our fair and sound business activities, we aim to achieve a sustainable growth by promoting actions for the global environment and human rights and fulfilling our responsibilities as a member of the world's corporations.

While respecting the diversity of each employee and adopting new ways of working, we make aggressive investments in human resources and enhance teamwork to create an appealing working environment that draws manpower from around the world. Furthermore, with our solid management for the rapidly-changing semiconductor industry, and by combining global information and the wisdom of our employees, we are confidence of achieving a further growth.

We are looking forward to working with you as we will continue to create a new value with aggressive challenges and constant improvements, and thank you for your continuing support.

TOPPAN PHOTOMASK President & Representative Director Teruo Ninomiya

A photomask is a glass plate having a light shielding film on which ultra fine circuit patterns are formed, and used to produce patterns of complicated semiconductor circuits onto silicon wafers. In addition to photomasks for semiconductors, we develop and manufacture glass masks for various studies and development, silicon stencil masks, molds for nanoimprinting, etc.